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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

The Secret

I’m sure loads of you have heard of the “The Secret”. When I first got wind of it, I immediately went hunting online to watch the movie. It’s not so much a movie but more of a documentary.

Anyway, I was hooked. I didn’t leave my laptop till it was over and felt really inspired after. It’s based on the law of attraction which states: "like attracts like," and that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts, one can bring about positive or negative results.

While of course it is good to think positively, I still believe we need to work for what we want. And we gotta work hard. Be it at a job, at life, at relationships, everything requires hard work. I highly doubt that if I sat here, by some miracle I’d have more money. We have to take the first step. There’s a part in the movie that says that this one guy quit worrying about bills and debt and all of a sudden he was receiving cheques in the mail more than bills. Erm, how does that work?! Citibank is suddenly not gonna send me my credit card bill cos I believe in the secret? Erm, yeah, sure. #wishfulthinking

Many have shared their thoughts about the secret and I dunno, at the risk of sounding like a skeptic, I think “the secret” works when combined with hard work and determination. Like if your goal was to make more money, you should be positive and focus on that goal, and tell yourself that you WILL achieve it. Never let go of that thought and never doubt yourself. But at the same time, you have to think of ways that you can make more money. Sitting on the same seat at the same office doing the same thing? Sorry, but you aint gonna achieve that goal!

So, my friends, with that, I end my thoughts on the secret, and say: WORK HARD and PERSEVERE and you will see the results ;) #triedandtested


Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Whitening Creams

There are so so many lotions available in the marker right now but I STILL havent found one that really works. Ideally, I'd like something that absorbs quickly and doesnt leave a sticky layer on my skin and it must also leave my skin silky smooth.

I'm currently using these few lotions/moisturisers:

NIVEA Body Lotion UV Whitening  Cell Repair & Protect

I use this at night, although now I think I got it wrong. Its a UV protection. zz. Once I'm done with this bottle, I'm gonna buy the night one: NIVEA Body Lotion Night Whitening Cell Repair (the purple bottle) But I do like the texture of this one though, it absorbs fast and does leave the skin feeling smoother. It does pretty much nothing for whitening though. I'm not sure if you guys remember the old range of Nivea from 2004. That one REALLY worked but too bad its been discontinued :(

Fancl White Body Milk

I only just started using this cos I got so dark after my SHAPE run last Sunday. This one is definitely better than Nivea cos it has a watery consistency and absorbs right away. I feel my skin did look brighter the next morning ( I dont know if this was my imagination or not) but I will definitely continue with this and perhaps combine it with a serum for optimum results. The only downside of this one is that it's really expensive at $22 for 150ml! -ouch-

NIVEA Body Lotion UV Whitening Extra Cell Repair & Protect

I use this in the morning after a shower. Its light and doesnt get sticky no matter how hot it is which is what i like most about it. Previously, altho the old Nivea really worked for whitening, when I used to walk under the sun, my skin would get really sticky and gross. But... I dont see my skin getting fairer although I do use this quite religiously. -tsk-

These are next on my list to try since I've heard much raves about it from my col:

NIVEA Body UV Whitening Serum SPF22

If they're any good, I will be back to blog about them. What I dont like about serum is that it cant really be used on its own, you're supposed to apply it as a first layer and then apply a moisturiser/lotion, the same way a facial serum works! -lazy-

Clarins - satin-smooth body lotion

This is one I am REALLY looking forward to trying, I’ve heard its super awesome fantastic stuff. Like no matter how much you apply, it won’t be sticky and leaves the skin, as the name promises, satin smooth! I guess there’s a reason why Clarins so expensive, it really works. I haven’t been able to find it this on my favorite site, sgbestbuyworld yet tho. But this one is a must must must buy!!

 Clarins - Renew-Plus Body Serum

This one I’m intending to use at night together with the Clarins satin smooth cream. I’ve heard that it’s of a powdery texture and smells quite strong. However, I have read that it doesn’t actually moisturize, what it does is to create a satiny texture on the skin so you feel that its moisturized but it’s actually not seeped into the skin. Am I making any sense?

Thats all for today on the topic of lotions. I've used other random stuff like Victorias Secret and Bath and body works but these are crap. They dont actually do anything for the skin except make it smell good ;)

Till next time, bye! :)

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

My First Blog Entry

I've been toying with the idea of starting up a blog again for the longest time but never really got down to it. So here I am, finally able to scrap one thing off my to-do list. I'll be blogging mainly about clothes (haha, no surprise there), food and any other random topics that come to mind.

That's it for today. :)