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Thursday, 31 January 2013


For as long as I can remember, I’ve suffered from dark eye rings and ths line/wrinkle which surrounds that entire dark eye circle. I’ve tried numerous creams, some have worked to an extent but nothing got rid of them EXCEPT acupuncture.
Many years ago, I went to this acupuncture clinic to seek treatment for my skin cos I was 19 and suffering acne and at the same time, the lady treated my dark eye rings. I went every week for a couple of months, and true enough, that line was gone and so was the darkness. However, I couldn’t keep up with the cost which is why I stopped and the dark eye rings came back after a few months. So, should you want to start this treatment, its something that needs to be upkept.  I guess it would make the most sense for brides to be to seek it as it’s the most important you look good on the day itself.
The acupuncturist inserts tiny needles into different parts of the face, which is said to harmonize energy flow. I remember a needle is inserted into the middle of the forehead which is said to be the most effective point.

The treatment stimulates muscles which makes the skin tighter hence the reduction of the line under the eye.

This is a picture of my current state, I will be re-starting this acupuncture and will update along the way.

"At the end of 12 sessions, you can expect to see a tighter jawline, taut facial skin, diminished jowls, reduced wrinkles and lifted eyelids," says Dr Chapman-Dunn.

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Laneige Power Essential Skin Refiner Sensitive

I've always used the Avene toner since I have very sensitive skin but I've found lately that its a bit too sticky and I dont like that feeling on my face after I've just washed it. So, since I have very sensitive skin I decided to try this toner given that I use the sleeping pack and my skin doesnt seem to have any allergic reaction to it.

This is what its supposed to do:

- Soothes sensitive and stressed skin and gently exfoliates excess keratin without irritation for healthy skin with fragrance-free, alcohol-free and color-free system
- Bio Dusali, extracted from fermented seaweed with strong energy of life, supplies energy to the skin and promotes keratin turnover, while the Hyacinth extracts purify the skin from heavy metal, smog, and other harmful materials to leave the skin moist and transparent.
- Rice bran extracts with outstanding skin soothing and moisturizing effects along with a highly skin-friendly high-molecular moisture barrier provides sufficient moisturization and healthier skin condition

I've used it now for a week and I can definitely see a difference in my skin, its much smoother and the small spots I had before are gone. It absorbs really well into the skin and leaves absolutely NO residue on the face so this has got to be by far, the best toner I've ever used. I'm typically very lazy and dont even use toner on most days but since I received this, I've  been using it religiously day and night.

So for anyone with sensitive skin, this is for you!

Thursday, 24 January 2013

are we forcing ourselves to grow old too fast?

A meaningful forwarded msg..

I was at a party recently where I spoke to a guy about his job. Having recently graduated college and settled into a rather prestigious career field, he mentioned that, though the money was good, the actual job itself was kind of draining. He wasn’t sure if it was for him, and had long since stopped enjoying it, but doubted he could do much better. It’s the kind of field where you work extremely long hours, especially when you’re new, and don’t get a whole lot in the way of recognition. As the party was beginning to heat up and we all decided to take some shots, he declined and said that he needed to go home on a weekend, at just before midnight. When we teased him, he reminded us with a bit of a sigh, that “his crazy party days were behind him.” This is a guy who was once preceded by the reputation of being the life of every party, who now eschewed going out for the most part because he’s “too old for it.”
He’s 24.
And this is far from being a unique case. Even a brief trip around Facebook to take a look at people you rarely talk to anymore can confirm that, in their early-to-mid twenties, people are already settling into careers they rather dislike, staying with the same person they’ve been with for years even though they’ve occasionally voiced their desire to see elsewhere, giving up on dreams of travel or adventure, and deciding that they are now “too old” to enjoy the occasional real party. There are even those who have transformed from party girl to sanctimonious mommy whose life is now “so meaningful,” all at the ripe old age of 24. Beyond giving up on the crucial time for experimentation, there are those who openly look down upon the people whose careers have yet to really be selected, who are traveling the world, who are remaining steadfastly single essentially, anyone who is taking their twenties to make the mistakes they may not be able to make in the future.
Of course, we all know people who have been rather “serious” their entire lives, who have always gone home early from parties, turned down offers of travel and experimentation, and have chosen the straight-and-narrow. But what’s crucially different about them is that that is just who they are. They enjoy the safe, the familiar, the reliable and frankly, we need people like that. There’s nothing wrong with those who have always been, in some way or another, an “old soul.” But the people to whom I am referring here are those who feel, whether through societal pressure or their own sense of competition, the need to grow up far too quickly. They have put some kind of social premium on keeping jobs they hate simply to say they are on a good career path, on cutting adventure nearly completely out of their lives, on settling down into a relationship that may not be right for them simply to avoid being alone at too “sad” an age.
As you begin to enter the world of social media and peer interaction where a huge amount of everything people your age have to say has to do with how much they love their significant other, how stressful their job is, how drinking is now too much for them, or the various dimensions of their children’s excrement, it can feel incredibly stifling. You have this sudden urge to yell at the top of your lungs, “Is this all we have left to talk about?!” And it is certain that behind these people who’ve chosen such “stable” life paths in their early-to-mid twenties, there are often parents and competitive peers who nod in approval and muse on how much more “adult” they are, but at what price? Do we not owe it to ourselves to make the decisions and mistakes that we want to, while we have the youth and the means with which to do it? Should we force ourselves into a job we dislike or a relationship that doesn’t fit us to fill out some model of adulthood we’re not even sure we want?
I have been to brunches and happy hours amongst acquaintances who, at the tender ages of 23-25, will spend the entire time talking about their problems at work and their desire find a bigger apartment. It’s almost like watching a bunch of children put on their parents’ clothes and shoes and shuffle around the house like grown-ups, a kind of caricature of boring adulthood. It’s hard not to see your life flashing before your eyes at moments like this, a chilling feeling that if, in the dawn of your adult life, you’ve already limited your conversation topics to the rigors of responsibility and commitment, things can’t get too much better from here. Not when the people who choose an alternative lifestyle or follow their dreams, even while clearly young enough to do so, are spurned and mocked by these peers as being “irresponsible,” or “immature.” Not when conversations of sex, politics, art, culture, or even the weather have been replaced by a comparing of notes about the varying degrees of adulthood one has attained.
We live in a world now where we can see our generation’s successes and failures in real time. We know what every friend and acquaintance is doing, we know where they live, we know how things are working out for them. And though we no longer have the intense societal pressure to marry and spawn, as well as have a good job and own a house all by your late twenties, we have an enormous amount of pressure we put on ourselves. In many ways, this constant comparison to those around us has replaced the traditional rules of becoming an adult, and now these restraints and objectives are ones we largely put on ourselves. “If my friends are all getting boring 9-5 jobs and settling down right now,” we think, “I’d better be doing it, too.” But few things are more disheartening than watching someone so young actively put aside the things they long to see and do in this world for a perfect, adult kind of happiness that they’re not even sure exists. Don’t we owe it to ourselves to live life, and above all, be young, on our own terms? Who is telling us what to do anymore, and more importantly, why are we listening?

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Intimates Shoot!

One fine day, Veron buddy asked us if we wanted to do a photoshoot, all of us being the ever enthusiastic people we are all agreed excitedly and before we knew it, 12 January was here.
We decided to do a color theme of cobalt so that we could wear our matching necklaces for the shoot.
So bright and early at 11am on a Saturday morning, we had our very first friendship shoot! It was just SO fun and I remember loads of laughing. The photographer assigned to us was a poly student (omg felt so old) and was really nice and engaging and made us feel really comfortable the whole time. The sun was shining bright and it was super hot but none of that mattered when the company was so awesome!! I’ve said it before but I will say it again, this group of girls are the most spontaneous and fun girls I’ve ever met! I did buy a groupon before for a previous group of friends but it never materialised. I look forward to our HK trip which is gonna be awesome too!!!
Some shots from the day, I couldn’t save many cos of my low phone memory but I’m sure the raw pics will be out soon!

Thursday, 3 January 2013

First Online Purchase!

I told myself that this year I would try not to shop as much I did before but I’ve been eyeing this dress and it came back in stock in my size after me refreshing the page a million times! I used to love FCUK a couple of years ago when they still had the store in Wisma so I'm elated to get this!
I’m hoping it will arrive before next Friday cos there’s something awesome happening on 12 January! I can’t wait!!!!

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

A lookback at 2012 and hello 2013!

2012 was a helluva trying of a year. I thought 2008 was bad but 4 years later, it proved worse. But instead of harping on the bad things, I choose to be thankful for the good. I am not someone who has a large of network of friends because I don't believe in quantity over quality.

In the year of 2012, I made friends with a group of 6 girls. It’s pretty amazing to find a group of friends who have such similar interests and get along so well despite being from different backgrounds. I am grateful to God for putting them in my lives because they have filled that void in me that was lacking and that is to have a solid group of girl friends who genuinely love each other. I don't think I've met friends who will bother to buy me vitamins/lozenges when I'm sick ever in my life. I'm very used to being the one who takes care of people so I feel so touched deep down inside to this friend.

I ended 2012 seeing a friend I love so much get married and to someone I know as long as I know Nick. I couldn't have spent Christmas Eve in a better way!

And I ended the year with a bang. The trip was just mentioned casually between YT and I and BOOM tickets and hotel booked. I love that I've finally found a friend like this cos I've had so many wishy washy ones who have told me see-how so many times I've given up asking. YOLO.. So don't think too much into stuff and be spontaneous.

I wish for a happier 2013 and the best thing that could happen this year would be to get a house. It’s been a lifelong dream. Secondly, I want to work out more like how I used to in 2011. I don’t want to be overly ambitious so that’s all for now!

Have a smashing 2013 all and remember… You Only Live Once