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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Golden rules of grooming

For whatever reason you have to keep yourself groomed, stick to it. I really cannot stress the importance of grooming enough. How unsightly is it to see a girl dressed well but with hairy legs? Instant turn off isn't it? 

The golden rules are:

1. The only hair you should have on your body is on your head and brows. THAT'S IT NO EXCEPTIONS. There are so many ways you can remove hair; waxing,epilating,hair removal creams,shaving. There's got to be one that works for u! 

2. If you wanna dye your locks, make sure you upkeep it. Black roots are horrible and makes one look super untidy and lazy. I know it's tough so avoid dying your hair a really light color unless you intend to do constant touch ups

3. Girls with rebonded hair, please.. 3 inches of frizz is NOT cool. Once you see your hair curling at the roots, get a touch up done, most salons do that now without the need to the whole head.

4. VPL. Oh my eyes! I think it's pretty easy to identify clothing that require seamless undies/thongs. Which is why I find it inexcusable for young ladies to be prancing around with VPL. please for the love of mankind, throw your Aunty panties away and take care of your appearance 

5. Manicures and pedicures look great. Well dressed fingers and nails really do make an outfit look classier. But.. If your polish is starting to chip, remove it immediately ESPECIALLY the finger nails. It looks so ugly to see girls with chipped polish. 

6. Always smell good. I don't understand how hard it is for some people to get this. I have had to cover my mouth and nose so many times in the train thanks to the body odour off some people. If you work out in the sun, fine, you might not be able to help it. But people boarding at raffles place?! No excuses. Use deodorant, spray some perfume before u leave the house. It's gonna take you less than a minute.

7. Brush your teeth after lunch. Although many toothpastes and mouth washes claim to give 12 hour protection, it's far from true. Anyway it's basic hygiene to brush after meals so try and inculcate this in your daily regime.

8. Exfoliate! Exfoliate! Exfoliate! None of your skin or body products are gonna work effectively on skin that doesn't have a clean surface. I exfoliate once a week cos over exfoliation isn't good for the skin either cos it causes excess oil to be produced which results in pimples!

9. Sunblock. I never knew or believed the importance of it until I saw the difference of 2 women of the same age, one of who never used a single product on her face and one who never left the house without sunblock. The difference in age looks at least 10 years. If you wanna skip your toner etc it's fine but never the sunblock! 

10. Masking and facials. Be sure to use a sheet mask at least twice a week. Working in air con and then out to our humidity has negative effects on the skin and the least we can do is yo replenish some moisture through sheet masks/ sleeping packs. A regular facial once a month also does wonders for the skin by removing whiteheads and blackheads which are hard to get off on our own. 

And with that I end this post. Don't be well groomed for anyone but yourself. It leaves a lasting impression and creates a great first one as well.

Good night friends!  

Monday, 20 August 2012

3 foods you should avoid

I have a friend who does MLM in this brand called “Young Living”. MLM typically has a stigma of trying to “con” people but I think some of the brands do have some good to them. This one and NuSkin actually do work. I purchased my Young Living stuff from Amazon so it’s not like I was psychoed by them or anything.

Anyway, back to my initial point of this post. Young Living believes there are 3 foods you should avoid, and it actually does make a lot of sense cos I personally do not feel there’s any good from the 3 except for coffee which is a perk me up in the mornings.

So, here are the 3 foods:

1.       Dairy
2.       Coffee
3.       Sugar

The thing with dairy is that it is mucous forming, is acidic for the body and it constantly causes your body to draw alkalinity from the bones messing up your mineral sources especially calcium so ironically it’s doing the opposite of what most think it is. Where the most milk is consumed, the osteoporosis incidence is highest. This has to do with the acidic nature of milk and also over consumption of calcium that interferes with the proper functions of osteoclast and osteoblasts (special cells that bring and carry away calcium to/from the bone)

Coffee is a narcotic beverage. The caffeine in coffee belongs to the same alkaloid group as morphine, cocaine, and strychnine. The caffeine can combine with your stomach acid (hydrochloric) to form a potent toxin called Caffeine Hydrochloride. As this toxin absorbs into your portal circulation and hits your liver, bile is released in attempt to flush it from your system. This is why people feel an increase in “bowel regularity” when they drink coffee.

Decaffeinated coffee is no better for you than regular coffee. They both contain a large concentration of Trichloroethylene, a potent carcinogen primarily used as a degreasing agent in the metal industry and as a solvent in the dry cleaning industry. Deadly pesticides are regularly used on coffee plants in Columbia.

But the arguments surrounding coffee are enormous. There are numerous studies claiming that coffee is good for you. So with respect to this one, I’d rather adopt a “everything in moderation” approach as opposed to cutting it out completely.

Limiting sugar in your diet is a well-known key to longevity, because of all the molecules capable of inflicting damage in your body, sugar molecules are probably the most damaging of all. Fructose in particular is an extremely potent pro-inflammatory agent that creates AGEs and speeds up the aging process. It also promotes the kind of dangerous growth of fat cells around your vital organs that are the hallmark of diabetes and heart disease. In one study on fructose, 16 volunteers on a controlled diet including high levels of fructose produced new fat cells around their heart, liver and other digestive organs in just 10 weeks! How scary is that??

Phew, that was a mouthful but I guess it’s better to avoid sugar most of all, there’s really NOTHING good about it, be it brown or white.

Have a good short week all, xoxo.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Clarins Contouring Facial Lift Serum.

My next facial product is definitely gonna be Clarins Contouring Facial Lift Serum.

I’ve always had a round face. No matter how much weight I lose, my face will still have that slight puffiness to it. I don’t know if its water retention or is it baby fat. But come on. I’m 27, I’m not supposed to still have 27.

I’ve thought of doing lipo on my face before cos it’s not a very invasive procedure and the recovery period is pretty quick as well. This has got to be my favorite of all:

 See here for more “inspirational” pics:

OKAY STOP THINKING IM BIMBOTIC AND GONNA DO PLASTIC SURGERY. Don’t think I dunno what you’re thinking!! Lol.

Back to my initial topic, Clarins Contouring Facial Lift Serum

There’s quite a bit of controversy on whether it’s the serum that works or the “method”. Below is the method Clarins suggests consumers use when using the serum.

In any case, I’m gonna buy the serum and see if my face gets slimmer. I’ve read SO many reviews and like most products, it works brilliantly for some and has no difference for others. I think I’m a good candidate for it since I do have water retention to start with so yeah, I will definitely update u!

Ciao bella’s!

My love for ASOS

Anyone that knows me well would know my undying love and devotion for ASOS. I wish there was an ASOS store in Singapore, I guess our equivalent is Zalora but there’s just something about Zalora that doesn’t even make me wanna explore the store at all. Or maybe its cos of my loyalty to ASOS.

River Island, Motel, TNFC and a few other brands are having 30% off now so of course I had to buy something.

Here is my latest love. White and eyelet, 2 of my favorite combinations! Review it when I get it ;)

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

My Goals

A lot’s happened this year. I can’t say 2012 was a good year at all. However, I don’t spill private stuff on  my blog. Although it’s been generally a bad year, the bad actually caused some good to happen as a result. I’ve been meaning to do a couple of things for a while now. And by awhile I mean a year or more.

I was so screwed over this year that it made me decide to clean my goals up and actually achieve them once and for all.

To share, these were a few I wrote on a piece of paper some time back.

1.       Start a blog
2.       Join a dance class
3.       Open a blog shop with my friend aka sister
4.       Take my driving lessons

It’s not even year end and I’ve already achieved 1 and 4 which I think is not that bad given the fact that I’m a huge procrastinator. #2 isn’t gonna be hard to achieve either, I’m just waiting for a Groupon to pop up so I can go for a try.

Now the 3rd.. that’s a toughie. I attempted a few years back but was just too young and lazy to put in any effort. I know the market’s saturated and stuff but it’s something we’ve always talked about doing together and I think now is a good time to do it.

So yeah, to sum it up! write your goals down and work towards them! You will only feel awesome when you achieve them so no harm yeah?

Cheers all, good week!

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

A health post

I wouldn’t say I’m a health freak or anything but I do think it’s important to watch what goes into our bodies. And I think supplements are SUPER important. I take 6 a day and I’m actually considering adding another one in.

Ester-C 1000mg (GNC)

I have to take this brand although it’s really expensive at $42.95 for a 3mth supply cos its non-acidic. My stomach is really weak so I have to take this type as opposed to regular vitamin C. I take Vitamin C cos it really does work for the skin. I seldom get pimples at all and I believe one of the reasons is cos of Vitamin C. Vitamin C is also a vital nutrient for asthma patients which I’ve had since I was 2.  Asthma patients often need Vitamin C in larger doses because it acts as an antioxidant in their lungs and air pipes.

Fish Body Oils 1000 (GNC)

I’ve actually been taking cod liver oil capsules since I was a child and then I stopped for a longgg time and decided some time last year to resume taking fish oils cos it’s good to lower cholesterol, excellent for joints. Anyway, this is one supplement that whether you’re young or old, have a heart problem or not, take it. It’s gonna benefit you A LOT. trust me. And its only $44.50 for 6months! Very pocket friendly!

Super Primrose, Evening Primrose Oil (Now Foods)

I took this awhile back to ease cramps and stuff but stopped cos I found it made my forehead very oily! But I resumed taking it when I came to my current company cos I met a colleague who’s 40+ and looks FANTASTIC. Her skin is smooth n wrinkle free and I asked her why do you look so young? And she told me EPO. She’s been taking it since she was 28 and never stopped. So being the kiasu Singaporean that I am, I ran to order it online and have been taking it daily now. I DON’T CARE IF MY FOREHEAD IS OILY I WANNA LOOK YOUNG

CoQ10 Gels (Healthy Origins)

I started this cos I’m very easily influenced. I was listening to 913FM on my way to work and heard how good CoQ10 was so I went off and bought the 100mg. Coq10 is an enzyme produced naturally in the human body, found in every cell and tissue. It is involved a number of biological functions including helping to produce energy, neutralizing free radicals, and keeping cells both inside the body and in the skin healthy. We all have it in our bodies, however, various factors such as aging and stress can lower levels of CoQ10.  And in my case, no prizes for guessing, its stress.

Lutein Esters (Now Foods)

My eyes always feel tired, like SUPER tired. I actually have to cover my eyes with palms cos they feel so hot and tired during the day so I went to research if there was any supplement I could take. And I found this, it can apparently get rid of cataracts as well. and I have felt a difference after taking it. So all my stare-at-com-for-9-hours friends, I suggest you grab a bottle!

***GNC Natural Brand™ Mega Acidophilus (90 vegicaps)***

I have left the best for last. This is really MAGIC. I am NOT shitting you. When I was in sec school I had some pretty screwed up eating habits and I developed gastric. My wonderful mother started me on Acidophilus and it went away. She got me to continue taking it and I did for years until sometime in 2008 when this geh kiang me decided I didn’t need it anymore. I was fine for like 3years and then I got a very serious gastric attack. I went to several doctors, took many different medicines and nothing worked. AND THEN… I remembered I used to take Acidophilus. So I went to GNC and picked up my old friend. I took like 2 and was better. NO SHIT. REALLY. All you gastric sufferers go and buy then you can send me flowers.