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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

A health post

I wouldn’t say I’m a health freak or anything but I do think it’s important to watch what goes into our bodies. And I think supplements are SUPER important. I take 6 a day and I’m actually considering adding another one in.

Ester-C 1000mg (GNC)

I have to take this brand although it’s really expensive at $42.95 for a 3mth supply cos its non-acidic. My stomach is really weak so I have to take this type as opposed to regular vitamin C. I take Vitamin C cos it really does work for the skin. I seldom get pimples at all and I believe one of the reasons is cos of Vitamin C. Vitamin C is also a vital nutrient for asthma patients which I’ve had since I was 2.  Asthma patients often need Vitamin C in larger doses because it acts as an antioxidant in their lungs and air pipes.

Fish Body Oils 1000 (GNC)

I’ve actually been taking cod liver oil capsules since I was a child and then I stopped for a longgg time and decided some time last year to resume taking fish oils cos it’s good to lower cholesterol, excellent for joints. Anyway, this is one supplement that whether you’re young or old, have a heart problem or not, take it. It’s gonna benefit you A LOT. trust me. And its only $44.50 for 6months! Very pocket friendly!

Super Primrose, Evening Primrose Oil (Now Foods)

I took this awhile back to ease cramps and stuff but stopped cos I found it made my forehead very oily! But I resumed taking it when I came to my current company cos I met a colleague who’s 40+ and looks FANTASTIC. Her skin is smooth n wrinkle free and I asked her why do you look so young? And she told me EPO. She’s been taking it since she was 28 and never stopped. So being the kiasu Singaporean that I am, I ran to order it online and have been taking it daily now. I DON’T CARE IF MY FOREHEAD IS OILY I WANNA LOOK YOUNG

CoQ10 Gels (Healthy Origins)

I started this cos I’m very easily influenced. I was listening to 913FM on my way to work and heard how good CoQ10 was so I went off and bought the 100mg. Coq10 is an enzyme produced naturally in the human body, found in every cell and tissue. It is involved a number of biological functions including helping to produce energy, neutralizing free radicals, and keeping cells both inside the body and in the skin healthy. We all have it in our bodies, however, various factors such as aging and stress can lower levels of CoQ10.  And in my case, no prizes for guessing, its stress.

Lutein Esters (Now Foods)

My eyes always feel tired, like SUPER tired. I actually have to cover my eyes with palms cos they feel so hot and tired during the day so I went to research if there was any supplement I could take. And I found this, it can apparently get rid of cataracts as well. and I have felt a difference after taking it. So all my stare-at-com-for-9-hours friends, I suggest you grab a bottle!

***GNC Natural Brand™ Mega Acidophilus (90 vegicaps)***

I have left the best for last. This is really MAGIC. I am NOT shitting you. When I was in sec school I had some pretty screwed up eating habits and I developed gastric. My wonderful mother started me on Acidophilus and it went away. She got me to continue taking it and I did for years until sometime in 2008 when this geh kiang me decided I didn’t need it anymore. I was fine for like 3years and then I got a very serious gastric attack. I went to several doctors, took many different medicines and nothing worked. AND THEN… I remembered I used to take Acidophilus. So I went to GNC and picked up my old friend. I took like 2 and was better. NO SHIT. REALLY. All you gastric sufferers go and buy then you can send me flowers.

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