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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Golden rules of grooming

For whatever reason you have to keep yourself groomed, stick to it. I really cannot stress the importance of grooming enough. How unsightly is it to see a girl dressed well but with hairy legs? Instant turn off isn't it? 

The golden rules are:

1. The only hair you should have on your body is on your head and brows. THAT'S IT NO EXCEPTIONS. There are so many ways you can remove hair; waxing,epilating,hair removal creams,shaving. There's got to be one that works for u! 

2. If you wanna dye your locks, make sure you upkeep it. Black roots are horrible and makes one look super untidy and lazy. I know it's tough so avoid dying your hair a really light color unless you intend to do constant touch ups

3. Girls with rebonded hair, please.. 3 inches of frizz is NOT cool. Once you see your hair curling at the roots, get a touch up done, most salons do that now without the need to the whole head.

4. VPL. Oh my eyes! I think it's pretty easy to identify clothing that require seamless undies/thongs. Which is why I find it inexcusable for young ladies to be prancing around with VPL. please for the love of mankind, throw your Aunty panties away and take care of your appearance 

5. Manicures and pedicures look great. Well dressed fingers and nails really do make an outfit look classier. But.. If your polish is starting to chip, remove it immediately ESPECIALLY the finger nails. It looks so ugly to see girls with chipped polish. 

6. Always smell good. I don't understand how hard it is for some people to get this. I have had to cover my mouth and nose so many times in the train thanks to the body odour off some people. If you work out in the sun, fine, you might not be able to help it. But people boarding at raffles place?! No excuses. Use deodorant, spray some perfume before u leave the house. It's gonna take you less than a minute.

7. Brush your teeth after lunch. Although many toothpastes and mouth washes claim to give 12 hour protection, it's far from true. Anyway it's basic hygiene to brush after meals so try and inculcate this in your daily regime.

8. Exfoliate! Exfoliate! Exfoliate! None of your skin or body products are gonna work effectively on skin that doesn't have a clean surface. I exfoliate once a week cos over exfoliation isn't good for the skin either cos it causes excess oil to be produced which results in pimples!

9. Sunblock. I never knew or believed the importance of it until I saw the difference of 2 women of the same age, one of who never used a single product on her face and one who never left the house without sunblock. The difference in age looks at least 10 years. If you wanna skip your toner etc it's fine but never the sunblock! 

10. Masking and facials. Be sure to use a sheet mask at least twice a week. Working in air con and then out to our humidity has negative effects on the skin and the least we can do is yo replenish some moisture through sheet masks/ sleeping packs. A regular facial once a month also does wonders for the skin by removing whiteheads and blackheads which are hard to get off on our own. 

And with that I end this post. Don't be well groomed for anyone but yourself. It leaves a lasting impression and creates a great first one as well.

Good night friends!  

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