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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Clarins Contouring Facial Lift Serum.

My next facial product is definitely gonna be Clarins Contouring Facial Lift Serum.

I’ve always had a round face. No matter how much weight I lose, my face will still have that slight puffiness to it. I don’t know if its water retention or is it baby fat. But come on. I’m 27, I’m not supposed to still have 27.

I’ve thought of doing lipo on my face before cos it’s not a very invasive procedure and the recovery period is pretty quick as well. This has got to be my favorite of all:

 See here for more “inspirational” pics:

OKAY STOP THINKING IM BIMBOTIC AND GONNA DO PLASTIC SURGERY. Don’t think I dunno what you’re thinking!! Lol.

Back to my initial topic, Clarins Contouring Facial Lift Serum

There’s quite a bit of controversy on whether it’s the serum that works or the “method”. Below is the method Clarins suggests consumers use when using the serum.

In any case, I’m gonna buy the serum and see if my face gets slimmer. I’ve read SO many reviews and like most products, it works brilliantly for some and has no difference for others. I think I’m a good candidate for it since I do have water retention to start with so yeah, I will definitely update u!

Ciao bella’s!

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