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Sunday, 3 March 2013

My Driving Adventure

In August last year I decided it was finally time for me to take my driving license, I had meant to for years but kept procrastinating which is why last year I set out to do a few things and I’m happy to say I’ve achieved most of them.
I chose to take my class 3 at BBDC because I like how the school conducts lessons, in a systematic and gradual way unlike private instructors who tend to miss out some stuff. I find that in the school, I learn everything and if the instructor feels you didn’t understand that lesson, he wouldn’t pass you. It might seem like a waste of money at the time, but when it’s time for your TP test, you will be grateful for it.
Upon my enrolment, I booked immediately for basic theory lessons. There are 2 classes which are mandatory, after which you do some practice sessions of the test questions followed by an evaluation which is a must to pass or you won’t be allowed to take the basic theory test! I did 2 practices and 2 evaluations cos I wanted to be totally ready and I passed my basic theory test on the first attempt. I followed the same for my final theory and passed with a full score that time!
I enjoyed all my driving lessons immensely and would really look forward to each lesson. In BBDC, you would be assigned to a group of instructors. My group had 8 people. They all had their own way of teaching and I really benefited from that. You can choose to fix one instructor at an additional cost but I liked that I could learn something from all of them. I also really enjoyed knowing all their stories and had a lovely chat each time I went for lesson which is 1 hour and 40 minutes at a go!
I’m getting to what I guess most people would wanna know before enrolling, how much would it cost? I believe I spent just about the minimum cos I failed only one lesson and managed to pass 2 lessons at a go on some days, so this is it. I’d say it’s an excellent investment and the joy you get from passing is nothing compared to that of a buying a new bag which is big coming from me!! haha. You feel such a sense of achievement that after about 6 months of hard work, you reap a positive result.

If you go for lessons twice a week, you would be able to finish in less than 6 months. Before you can start driving, you would need to apply for a PDL (provisional Driving License) which only lasts 6 months. I completed mine with 15 days to spare! Should you need to extend it, it would cost $25 to renew.
And I chose to take a manual license, it might be more difficult but that’s how you feel that true sense of achievement upon passing. I had to go for a mandatory auto lesson and while of course it was fun cos you only need to control the accelerator and brake, I would say it’s much more fulfilling to take a manual license. And with a manual license, you can drive both an auto and manual car so 2 for the price of one!
So for anyone thinking of taking your license, I’d say go for it! good luck!

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