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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

All about Yoga!

There have been so many things running at the speed of my light through my mind lately. I feel like I’m the ocean and there are schools of fish just swimming frantically across ALL THE TIME.
But thank god for yoga. I really have to thank my ex col for bringing me to True Yoga one day during lunch for a trial class. Prior to that, I’d never even have considered yoga cos to me, it’s not a workout. I always use to think it’s a lazy person’s excuse for exercise. But boy was I wrong!

Yoga calms the mind and rejuvenates the body! Whenever I feel any stress in my life I go to a class and come out feeling much better and more at ease. For such instances, I’d recommend Yoga Therapy. It’s an easy class that doesn’t require much effort but involves a lot of breathing and stretching. Its also incredible if you’ve just had a hard workout the previous day and are experiencing muscle aches. I swear to you, the muscle aches are reduced by 50% STRAIGHT after the class. No shit.
My next favourite yoga class would be Hot Yoga, it’s conducted in a hot room and goes on for an hour. It’s said to remove toxins from your body and enables you to perform the poses with more ease due to the heat loosening up the muscles. I do at least one hot yoga a week and it’s awesome. You sweat a bucket, and can actually feel slimmer after. After a hot shower, you can be assured a great night’s sleep!           
The other classes include Vinyasa (which I’m trying this Saturday for the first time!), Hatha (not as strenuous as hot but effective!), Lila Yoga, Gentle Yoga, Yoga Stretch.
You can refer to the True Yoga website for more information on the types of classes but the ones I’ve mentioned are the ones I personally find most effective and would recommend to anyone!
That being said, if your aim is to lose weight, yoga alone is NOT gonna do the job. You have to couple it with cardio such as cycling, swimming and running. A combination of yoga and cardio is the optimal workout and will be sure to help you lose those pounds!
If anyone needs a trial class or is interested in signing with True Fitness/Yoga, please call or text the most awesome consultant there, Jackson. In my time with True (since 2010) I’ve met a variety of consultants and all of them have one thing in common, the sale. With Jackson, you will find he’s helpful and glad to go out of his way to make sure you get the class you wish to attend and he also gives the best rate! Most importantly, he’s not pushy so you won’t have to worry he’s gonna force or harass you into signing up with them.
Jackson- 90050666

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