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Friday, 2 November 2012

All Things Pretty

I've decided to do this post more for myself to remember than anything else and if anyone knows where I can get them cheaper or think it isn’t nice, feel free to comment. I can get a bit ahead of my ideas sometimes. ;)

Prada Saffiano leather wallet in Cameo or Dark Rose.  bought!

I really like the cameo but I know it’s gonna get dirty really quickly cos I’m not one that takes care of my stuff very well. So I guess I’m gonna get the dark rose. I haven’t used a wallet in ages but rather dump everything into my wristlet but I think I wanna go back to using one. It looks a lot classier.

Isn’t this the most precious thing you’ve ever set eyes on? I originally always wanted the Miu Miu Bow in this shade but couldn’t get it as it was out of stock entirely in Europe. But now I think this design is way better cos its more structured. Oh god how I love this.

Tiffany and Co Charm Bracelet

Ok this has got to be the most clich├ęd item and most guys who don’t have a clue what to buy for presents, buy this. But I’ve always lusted after it. It’s not that expensive but I don’t why I haven’t parted with my money for it up till now. We’ll see huh?

Chanel Pearl Earrings

The most common Chanel earrings would probably the crystal encrusted one but I’m not crazy about it cos the crystals drop and there are so many replicas. But this one I love. It oozes class and elegance!

Ferragamo jelly Flats

These are adorable! Lots and lots of places like the Chanel earrings have made copies of it but it’s not the same. YOU will know you’re wearing a replica and as much as I can help it, I’d rather not have the item than wear a replica. I’m strange like that.

Balenciaga Double Wrap Around Bracelet
This item is one I’ve made an exception to my rule of no replicas simply cos I wanted to see it if I’d wear it much and yes! I do wear it quite abit. But now I can’t decide on the color I want. I really like the blue but matching is gonna be no easy feat and I’m the anal kind that likes my shoes and bracelets to match.
So, that’s all the items I’d wish to buy but just haven’t yet. I know I should stop buying my truckloads of ASOS and save and get these but I like quantity and I like wearing different dresses and stuff. Oh well, I shall continue lusting till my next pay raise ;)
TGIF y’all!

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