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Sunday, 21 October 2012

My Minimalist Approach to Skincare

I think I might possibly have the simplest skincare regime around. I’ve split it into day and night so its easier to the difference, although the difference is so minimal. Haha;)
In the morning I use my all time favourite cleanser, the gel moussant from Avene. It has no scent and no colouring or any of that artificial stuff so it’s perfect for my sensitive skin.

Once I’ve dried my face, I use Avene/Vichy thermal water as a toner as i don’t see the need to use an actual toner which involves rubbing my face with a cotton pad since I’m guessing my face doesn’t get very dirty while I sleep.

Once that dries, I slap on some of my Biore face milk which is SPF50+ and off I go! That’s it! Nothing else. I’ve read before the less you put on your face, the better. Anyway skin condition is pretty much determined from what you ingest and not so much of what you apply outside. Which brings me back to my earlier post on supplements!
Once I’m back from work, I use Bivesta makeup remover if i used any makeup which i usually don’t and that pretty much gets off all the goop from my face.

At night i use a better cleanser given the fact my face has been exposed to all that grime, dirt and dust from outside. This has little beads in it and has done a good job so far! I love Kiehl’s products but they’re so expensive!

After cleansing, i use Vichy toner cos it’s the only one that hasn’t irritated my face so far. As a night cream, I use my beloved Laniege sleeping pack or SK2’s cellumination essence. You can’t use Laniege sleeping pack daily as your face will tend to get oily so it’s best you rotate with something else!

That’s it for the daily stuff!
I mask my face about 3-4x a week and the few I’ve been using on a regular basis are as follows:
1.       Queen Helene’s Mint Julep Masque
2.       Queen Helene’s Clay Mask (seems to work the same as #1)
3.       LoveMore’s Aqua Whitening Mask
4.       MyBeautyDiary’s Hydraulic Acid
5.       SK2’s Whitening Mask (I only use this on special occasions cos its $11 a pop!)
And with that I end my skincare post! Once a month, I get a milk peel done at SkinLab as well. It really has saved my skin countless of times and I don’t think I’ll be changing my facial place anytime soon. The therapists there are awesome, but I can’t say the same for the sales personnel. They are pushy and rude and if not for my therapist who I’ve been going to for a year now, I wouldn’t hesitate to change place!

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