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Sunday, 21 October 2012

Seeing the good in bad

Retribution is defined as something justly deserved; recompensated. It doesn’t only pertain to bad doings but also to good in a way. Have you heard of the saying kindness begets kindness? I think it’s very true but of course we need to exercise discretion, we can’t be nice to everyone, cos a lot will just take advantage of it but we should try our best to be kind to the people close to us and those in need of help.

So as much as we can, although at times it might be hard especially when dealing with mean people, we should try not to inflict bad thoughts or do bad things to people like backstabbing and bad mouthing. Cos what you do unto others will be done unto you and when that happens, you will look back and wish you tried to be nicer.

Bad things happen for a reason sometimes though. Sometimes when bad things happen it’s because its making way for something good. Like if you don’t get a job you thought you wanted, its cos there’s a better one just around the corner. Or if you break off in a relationship, some time down the road, you will definitely see that it happened for a very good reason. It’s happened a lot to me but I guess it’s very hard to believe in this especially when the bad times hit.

So with that, I say try and be positive friends J

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