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Monday, 8 October 2012

Fashion Forward

I’ve wondered for awhile, what’s my style? I’ve never really followed fashion trends religiously. You can see me wearing knit even in June but I guess to an extent I do adopt some of the ideas of the latest trends. My latest, although I’m abit slow, is colored bottoms.
I’ve been looking for a nice pair of mint bottoms for the longest time!! I saw a pair in H&M but I looked like a tub of lard in them so those were a miss. And then I don’t buy pants from local blogshops cos the material is usually rough and the length is all wrong.
Eventually.. I FOUND THEM! Hooray! From my favourite ever! ASOS! Perfect length and cut, I basically stick to 98% cotton and 2% elastane for ASOS bottoms and so far they’ve all fit really well.

Another essential item are white pants. They look so clean cut yet stylish but it is very hard to get the right pair. I typically prefer super skinny cuts as it makes the legs look longer and slimmer. Bootcut and flares are a big no-no. I remember earlier this year the extreme flare pants were in, I avoided that like the plague! And for good reason, I don’t see them much anymore and I still see skinny everywhere!

So, I guess, wear what you like and what you feel flatters your figure. Some stuff although it looks nice on others might not look good on you, so don’t follow trends blindly!

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