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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

The Game of Life

As much as most people would not like to admit, life is essentially a game. I’d put it as 90% of the time you’re playing and only at 10% do people actually see the real you. I guess it boils down to wanting to be accepted. And by wanting to be accepted and looked up to you, you have certain ideals in your head of the type of person you need to be to achieve those results.
There’s nothing wrong with a game plan but when you do it in the wrong circumstance is when it starts to hurt people. An excellent example would be in relationships and you’ve come across enormous flirts (be it guys or girls). Some have their game down so good, you don’t even realise they’re players till you get hurt.
But I guess the most important place to execute a game plan would be in the office. The girl that just sat there and did her daily tasks with her head hung low never got anywhere. Its people who are dynamic, have the right interpersonal as well as presentation skills are the ones who get far. I’ve seen myself people who are actually shallow in terms of knowledge present themselves so well you’d think they had a whole lot of experience. You just gotta get sounding smart down to a t. Easier said than done though. Unfortunately, it’s something you have acquire to get anywhere.
I’m not gonna go on about this cos why would I wanna oust myself and reveal MY game plan right. ;) HAHA. I’m kidding. I’m gonna end by saying if you see yourself going nowhere in life, reflect and look at yourself and see what you’re doing wrong. Everyone can be a winner! It just depends how much you want it!

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