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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

BRAND’S® InnerShine® RubyCollagen

A couple of weeks ago, Tian invited me to go for a BRANDS event with her at Mandarin Oriental. I jumped  at the chance for 2 reasons:
1.       I’ve been taking BRANDS essence of chicken since I was a kid and its always worked
2.       I got married at Mandarin Oriental
It was a lovely sunshiney day and we were all smiles as we took the day off from work and had the pleasure of attending such an awesome event.
When I was young, although my mother being Irish, strongly believed in BRANDS essence of chicken to replenish my strength after being sick and for exams time to keep up my strength. Although I never really liked the taste, I knew it was good. I guess the best proof of its effectiveness came when I took  my O levels. Before each paper, I would gulp a bottle of chicken essence right before entering the hall. I did really well and I attributed a part of that to my essence of chicken, it seemed to make me more alert and better able to remember all that I’d mugged.
Anyway, over the years, BRANDS came up with more and more products and the next one I began taking was the Birds Nest. Its really convenient as it comes in a bottle and all you had to do was snap the bottle open, no boiling, cleaning and washing up necessary!
Back to the event, the event was for BRANDS new product, Ruby Collagen.
The event was held at the outside area and the food was by Dolce Vita. I had the fish and it was amazing! Im definitely gonna return to Dolce Vita for my next occasion.
Juanita Simon hosted the event and she’s still so beautiful after so many years. She used to be my idol when I was younger cos I felt I could relate to her with her being Pan Asian and being so tall. (Yes, I had issues accepting my height when I was younger)

The product comes in 2 forms:
1.       Essence ( bottle form)
2.       Essence Strip (jelly form)
It’s recommended that you take 2 strips a day or one bottle and after meals. They both taste great, but for convenience sake I prefer the strip, its like dessert after my meal. I swear its super yummy cos its infused with pomegranate.
RubySignature formula defies the ageing process by performing a vital triple action of:
1.       SUPPLY collagen to maintain skin’s suppleness and elasticity
2.       PROTECT against collagen degradation
3.       DELIVER collagen, oxygen and other nutrients to skin cells
I used to take Collagen tablets before this but they gave me a headache but I have experienced ZERO side effects with this Ruby Collagen.  The number of benefits of collagen are just mind blowing and I can really see a huge difference in  my skin. Its more plumped up and a lot less dry than it used to be. These are the other benefits of collagen:

·         Helps you look younger
·         Scars on the skin heal faster
·         Reduces the appearance of cellulite
·         Relieves aches and pains cos it rebuilds cartilage in the joints
·         Builds muscle tone
·         Nails and hair grow faster and healthier
And these are just to name a few. So come on, try it. I swear it works, I tried it and I can see and feel the difference. Take a bottle of ruby essence daily for 6 weeks and you’ll be able to see it yourself.

It costs $57 for a box of 10 bottles and $36 for 10 strips of Ruby Collagen! I highly recommend the strips cos of the convenience it offers!

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  1. yay you blogged too!!! remembered being excited to see the place coz it's your wedding venue! say yay to younger skin!! -dances-