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Tuesday, 12 November 2013


And so a couple of months ago, I gained a horrific amount of weight. 

 Most polite people around me said they weren’t able to see much difference but trust me, I gained it.

So, I went about trying to lose it. I used to do pump on Tuesday, yoga on Thursday, my own workout on Saturday and a run on Sunday of about 3-5km. I also embarked on eating clean and would make my own salads in office almost daily. 

I also drank my water w lemon, added chia seeds to my oatmeal and did everything I’ve read about which said I would lose my weight. Sadly, I didn’t. Not even 0.5kg. BUT, never give up was my belief! I couldn’t just STAY fat right? SO, I decided I was doing something wrong. 

I changed my regime to my own 1.5hr workout in the gym on Tuesdays, spin on Wednesday, yoga on Thursday, Spin on Friday, gym/bikram on Saturdays and 5km run on Sundays! And it worked! I’ve lost 3kg in a span of a month! 

So anyway, before I get too carried away, what I’m trying to say here is there is no fixed schedule for every person. Everyone’s body responds differently to different exercises. I tried many different combinations and finally found the one that worked, so never give up. Just keep trying and you will find the combination that works for you!

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